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  Perfect Leads Generation and Communication with Your Patients

SearchMyDoc is part of Cloud Lions Patient Communication Suite. This part of the CL Suite provides several tools enabling a patient, to find your practice online, learn about it and help schedule the first appointment. The system provides a comprehencive tool, helping to establish the initial contact between you and millions of online users, seeking serviced of your dental practice.

How does it work?

with SearchMyDoc patient:

 - Finds your information

- Reads about you

- Contacts you via chat

- Schedules appointment

- Gives rating and review



SMD features
What are you getting? 

 - Place in search for dental specialist

 - Link to search engine results

 - Page with info about your practice

 - Easy appointment scheduling

 - Online chat for your office

 - Email appoinment confirmations

 - Automated patient review requests

 - Ratings for your practice

... and more

First contact with a patient made perfect:


SearchMyDoc provides information abou your practice in search results on a website and as links of personal pages of the doctors lineks to search engine results.


Patient is provided with information about your practice, including your specialty, schedule, contact information and rating.


Patient can directly contact your office via chat without engaging into the phone conversation, which many people find uncomfortable, and which occupies significant time of your practice receptionist.

Scheduling visit to you

Our appointment system is automated and synchronized with your favorite Patient Management System, including Dentrix, SoftDent, EagleSoft, PracticeWorks, OpenDental/PracticeWeb and others. Patient can either choose from the list of available time and date combinations or request his preferred time. The schedule displayed by PatientGear system is based on your local schedule. Part of the available time can be held in reserve until the rest of the available appointment periods are used. Both office and patient receive the notification ones appointment request is created.

Once patient visited your office - the automated rating and review request is e-mailed. Statistics show that display of perfect and near perfect rating during the appointment process dramatically increases the ratio of successful conversions from potential patient to current and ongoing one.

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